That is how we call the new project for children of Rusinga Island.

It is a project of Badilisha Permaculture Center


which is fostering and pioneering on various environmental conservation initiatives.

The interests are ranging from permaculture to agroforestry, with the main goal of combating the emerging desertification and to steer the inhabitants of Rusinga Island to achieve sustainable development goals.


REAL kids’ project will operate on Rusinga Island in Lake Victoria region of Kenya. Which is based in homa-bay County in the western side of Kenya.



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Now planted trees meanwhile are growing and getting seeds, the planting will have a natural continuation with the collected seeds.  

On a big hill

In the last days trees were planted on a big hill at Rusinga Island. To scary for many children, so adults took over as well. Planting Partners were European Union, World vision and Kenya Forest Service. Thanks to all participants, erosion will be prevented and food-forest will grow!

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